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PS 152K Featured in Landscape Architect Specifier News

We are delighted to see our project, PS 152K featured on the cover of Landscape Architect and Specifier News in the September 2021 playgrounds issue. Writen by Jennifer Nitzky, this article highlights the participatory process allowing the students to become the designers and address the needs of the entire community. As part of the Trust for Public Land (TPL) NYC Playground Program, This project was envisioned to offer a ray of hope and a place of respite through the restorative powers of nature in a dense urban environment. The story also focuses on the resilient design initiatives to capture at least an inch of rain through green infrastructure to not only manage runoff but mitigate flooding and pollution downstream, improve air quality, cool the city, and provide green spaces that make our cities more livable, beautiful, and climate resilient.

Read the article online HERE

or see the whole magazine issue HERE

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