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Streetscapes for Wellness

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December 2022


New York City Public Design Commission

New York Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects

The Fine Arts Federation of New York

New York City Department of City Planning's Urban Design Office

Studio HIP's Jennifer Nitzky was a prime contributor and editor of this document, collaborating closely with the NYC Public Design Commission.


Comprising more than a quarter of New York City’s land area and approximately 6,300 miles of roadways, streetscapes are arguably the city’s most readily accessed and underutilized public resources. These public corridors that define the city help us navigate through the city and connect with one another. 


Well-designed streetscapes can improve health and mental wellbeing, encourage physical activity and social interaction, and make people feel safe and welcome. Streetscapes for Wellness is the result of a collaborative research initiative involving city agencies, local organizations, designers, and community members to have a broad perspective for shaping these public spaces. The selected case studies illustrate how innovative initiatives at all scales may inform and inspire future visions for our streetscapes.

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